Richard Spendlove MBE

Hello, Good Evening and Welcome...

There is an online petition requesting that more time should be given to Richard's programmes which states:-

"Richard Spendlove is perhaps the best radio broadcaster on the airwaves of a Saturday evening. His diverse chat and music program touches the hearts of many; and provides a very personal touch to those who listen alone. His voice has become so familiar that having him on for only two hours now is unacceptable to the local listeners. Please sign this petition; and give your support."

If you wish to support this petition please click here
The formation of this web site gives me yet another platform through which to offer my personal thanks to the thousands of loyal listeners, who have - for almost twenty years - supported my work on Regional and Local Radio.

My career really began the night I was given a Saturday evening 'late-night chat-show' that began in the county of Cambridgeshire. It surprised everyone by the way it gathered pace and established me, not only in that county, but also throughout the South and East of England.

The award of the MBE, for my work, was a spectacular culmination to those with which my broadcasting work had already been graced, and I shall NEVER be able to repay my listeners for the honours they have caused to be bestowed upon me.

I have said, many times, privately and in public that I have the kind of listeners that many radio presenters would die for. If I may, I would like to raise my glass and drink a toast, to those, without whose inspiration, loyalty and support, I would have 'vanished without trace' a very long time ago.