Richard Spendlove MBE

What the listeners say...

"This Website gives an impressive portrait of the man and an inspiring account of his deeds. He is a big man in every sense of the word - a kindly, genial man of exemplary character and possessing a youthful spirit, a magnificent broadcaster."

"A broadcaster like a singer must be judged by his staying power."

"How good has his average been over the years? Richard Spendlove's will show that he's been up there on top for a good many years and i know he will remain there for a good many more."

"It is a remarkable achievement in that his fame is uniquely the product of his voice - warm clear and expressive - and a style - relaxed affectionate and low keyed. Mr Spendlove does not make the headlines . He is involved in no escapades. He does not even mention the hundreds and hundreds of miles covered to visit terminally ill listeners over a year."

"A delicate sense of comedy has always been in evidence on Richard's radio shows. Long before he became a radio giant , Richard displayed a friendly ear for comedy and was a wonderfully welcome figure on TV, appearing in the comedy series ' Oh Doctor Beeching.' brilliantly written by Richard and David Croft OBE."

"He has a most beautiful voice , It is magnificent and never makes the slightest concession to modern vulgarity, I am sure he will not mind me suggesting that anyone who is interested should tune in fairly soon."

"Today, fewer children are taught to read poetry. It is the age of spin-doctors, not orators.Richard,who was born at the beginning of the second World War, belongs to a different age."

"He was born in Carlton,Nottingham , sixty five years ago. He joined the railway, like his father, and quickly progressed through the railway promotional system (in almost record time) to be appointed Relief station Master at Ely, Cambridgeshire. After thirty five years service he retired (or escaped) on his fiftieth birthday."

"Richard began freelance writing in 1969 and freelance broadcasting some years later, his work has included contributions in media to news , documentary and feature work, as well as straightforward presenting. It proved a crucial period. Richard concentrated for the first time on a six week trial radio programme called 'Reflections',honing his talents to the one-to-one profile/interview. The programme actually ran for one hundred and fifty six consecutive weeks, during which time it became evident that his kind of talent gave him the reputation of one of Britain's most gifted presenters."

"Today, he hosts one of the most popular 'phone-in' chat shows on radio. His loyal listeners campaigned for yet another award on June 16th, 2000 he was made A MEMBER OF THE MOST EXCELLENT ORDER OF THE BRITISH EMPIRE."
Sylvia Cooper, Norfolk

“I am writing to ask why he has only been honoured with the MBE. Myself and many more of the same age group feel the way he entertains and directs his programme to our age group deserves a much higher recognition.”