Richard Spendlove MBE


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Richard's Christmas Interview with Charlie Landsborough.
A Documentary cataloguing the events of arguably the most serious constitutional crisis ever to affect the British Monarchy - The Abdication.
I am aware that it is not that long since we heard from this gentleman on the programme, but if you had any idea how many emails and letters I have had asking the hear him again, you would realise that I have no apology to make for putting his story and the interview on the website, in order that those who’d like to hear it yet again, can do so, simply by downloading it for free. He is one of those men who, - during the time of his service - went, quite literally all the way to hell and back. He has seen things that - even sixty odd years on, he won’t talk about. He has seen his colleagues burned to death, beaten to death, shot to death and crucified, and yet, in the face of all this, when I met him, I quickly formed the view (from which I have never wavered) that he is one of the most deep thinking, compassionate and dignified men I have ever met - and I have met a good few. His story epitomises that of so many others who suffered with him, and he would have been the first to point that out. He passed away in the late summer of this year at the age of ninety years, leaving a widow, Betty, two sons and their familes. He is Arthur Warren, for some years a prisoner of the Japanese and for many years a leading member of the local Far East Prisoners or War association. In the normal manner of these interviews, I began by asking him where he was born……