Richard Spendlove MBE

Richard's 'Lady Of The Evening'

(And Youngest Pride And Joy)

Since the inception of the show - some eighteen years ago, there have been two 'Ladies of the Evening'. The first, Joanne Kershaw-Smith, oversaw the opening three or four years, and was joined by Tina as Assistant some three years into the run. On Joanne's departure, Tina took over, and has been perfoming the duties ever since; a total of some twelve/thirteen years. Possibly another record.....?

This, then, is the lady who is your first 'line of communication' when you call. She has, I think proven herself - on many occasions - to be aptly qualified to deal with whatever comes her way and, as has been seen, is also probably academically qualified to do so as well.

Any programme is only as good as it's support staff, and of course, this programe has always had the very best (despite them having to frequently put up with the backstage tantrums of the Presenter....!)